Interlincx is a technology company that helps online advertisers realize incremental revenue from their web properties through a unique set of products and in-house technology. 

  • Interlincx does not provide any products or services to general customers.  

  • If you have questions regarding an application, or status of a product or service please contact the company or website where you applied, or purchased from.   

If you are having issues finding who to contact we recommend the following.   

  • Check your email account including spam & junk folders for any correspondence from the website or company servicing your request.  In most cases you will receive an email on the completion of your request.   

  • Check your browser history to see if you can find the site you applied with or made a request from.  The site should have a ‘contact us’ section.  

  • If you have been billed for an item, your bank or credit card statement can provide further details on who to contact.


If you'd like to get in touch with us simply submit our contact form or call directly at 1-800-730-7743.

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