Marketing Analyst

Online Marketing Analyst

Interlincx is a technology company that helps online advertisers realize incremental revenue from their web properties through a unique set of ad products and in house technology.  We are looking for someone with a passion for internet marketing analytics, and a proven background in turning data analysis into profitable opportunities.  You will work closely with our marketing team to monitor new and ongoing ad campaigns for their respective outcomes.  If you are analytical, detail oriented, and have a passion for turning data insights into performance improvements, you are in the right place.  If you don't know what a CPM or CPC is, then be sure to excel in all other criteria.

To make it here, you need the following:

  • Be able to work with a ton of moving pieces on a day in day out basis.
  • Be quick in learning how to use new technology platforms.
  • Be able to recognize real world problems through data and implement the answers.
  • Be innately curios as to why something is the way it is, and find the points of influence to create a state change for improved performance.
  • Enjoy constant experimentation, leveraging ongoing data insights to answer your optimization questions.
  • Know our industry and for what you don't know be willing to ask lots of questions and sometimes be willing to just "Google It.”
  • Be self-motivated and proactive.  If you like the concept of "go figure it out" then go figure it out.  You will be joining a tight group of over-achievers.
  • Be open-minded and able to take a joke.  At some point we all are the butt of the joke.
  • Be a quick learner and love solving problems.  In fact, in a weird way you are happiest while dealing with problems, even though logically you want everything to run smoothly.
  • Be organized, and understand how to communicate effectively with other people.

You will do:

  • You will constantly be measuring, managing, and analyzing marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and total return.
  • You will collect data from disparate sources, run post-analytics, and integrate information into optimization plans for ongoing testing strategies. 
  • You will liaise with our marketing team to set up tests, evaluate new ad placements, and optimize company wide media performance.
  • You will provide weekly summaries with actionable recommendations for improvements.


  • Strong analytical skills, with the ability to draw conclusions from data, and develop actionable experiments to improve performance.
  • A minimum of one year in a web analytics driven organization, with a proven track record of providing insight that leads to improved performance.
  • Advanced Excel use, in addition working with online web analytics platforms.  Must be highly proficient in the necessary math used in the optimization process.
  • Be able to work independently as well as contribute to a team, with strong written and oral communication skills.

Ideally you live within 30-40 minutes of West Hollywood (we are located near Sunset Plaza) and come to work with a positive attitude.

ABOVE ALL, you need to enjoy going the extra mile.

For the right person, this is an incredible opportunity to work with a talented group of people who love what they do and have fun while doing it.  Part of what makes this work is that we know what we are doing and we expect the same from you.  Our work environment is very casual, while at the same time highly productive in meeting our client’s objectives.  If you are a quick learner, like figuring things out, and enjoy constantly interfacing with information to uncover opportunity; you will do very well here.

COMPENSATION, our thoughts are this; if you are this person we will be more than competitive in meeting your financial goals.  In addition we offer health insurance and 401K.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Whoever you are.

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